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Embark on a journey to explore the vast possibilities that effect pigmentseffect pigmentsPigments that lend the system in which they are embedded extra properties such as angle-dependent color and luster changes (color flop effect) or the appearance of depth. can bring to packaging, interiors and product design. This site will stimulate your senses and spark ideas for unique, creative designs with industry information, articles, ideas tips, photos, videos and even a forum where you can network, brainstorm, ask questions or talk about your experience using pigments.
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Harald Glööckler creates “wallpapers for princesses and princes!”

Tapeten von Harald Glööckler für Marburger Tapetenfabrik

Wallpaper creations by Harald Glööckler – one more splendid than the other

Harald Glööckler loves it pompous, and it’s okay for it to be a bit “over the top.” His designs and fashion are unusual and glamorous – far from any simple elegance. He designed for Marburger Tapetenfabrik 66 splendid and unusual wallpapers that lend a royal touch to every home. Wallpaper designs with lots of gold, peacock feather motifs, leopard looks and angel wings emerged, some of which have a surprising tactile quality.



Sustainableraw materials for'clean' packaging

Shrink sleeve from PLA-Folie

The oil reserves, and thus the raw material for our plastic production are becoming increasingly scarce. In turn, the demand for resource-conserving, sustainable materials is growing rapidly and becoming ever more challenging. What this means for the packaging industry describes Doris Erhardt, management / commercial management of Folienprint RAKO GmbH



3D Evolution - New technique in print finishing

Guarro Casas cover material

Merck and Rudolf Reproflex GmbH developed a new printing technique, which creates an impressive 3D effect that cannot be felt physically. “With 3D Evolution we create an illusion – the effect seems to be embossed but it is not,” says Dirk Grope (product manager for coating plates at Rudolf Reproflex GmbH) about the new technique. The effect surprises the beholder – no embossment that might result in spatial depth can be felt. It’s a visual experience.

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